Thursday, April 23, 2009

Astrological Minority

The Clark men recently celebrated their joint birthdays with a little backyard soiree. There were no milestones this year, but both Kevin and Keller are definitely feeling older. For different reasons.

Of course I panicked pre shin-dig, worrying there wouldn't be enough food to eat (I know; I am married to a Clark!!), the kids wouldn't have anything to do (the default game is ALWAYS tag outside) and people wouldn't have anything to talk about (what am I thinking; this is the south).
Kevin made a huge batch of jambalaya, the kids had hot dogs, Ms Southern Hospitality brought her world famous pasta salad and I concocted a new summer drink. God bless vodka...

For Kevin, turning 51 wasn't as dramatic or interesting or memorable as turning 50. Last year, we met family and friends in New Orleans for a big get together. This year we kept it small and home based. But it had an impact just the same. The day Kevin's AARP membership arrived in the mail, his shoulders drooped just a little. He had to face facts; he was now in his 50s. I just keep telling him 50 is the new 40. The good news is, the older he gets, the more astonished people are when they learn how old he really is. Most folks figure Kevin for about 40-43. Not bad!

For Keller, turning 8 was a milestone. Shoot, turning any age is exciting for kids. He was proud to be another year older, letting everyone know he will soon be entering the THIRD GRADE. Funny thing is, people have the complete opposite reaction when learning how old Keller is. If they just listened to his conversations, they would swear he was about 17. Not because he has some freaky low voice, but because he uses word like isometric existentialism, and can rattle off facts like Mozart's birthday, the name of President Lincoln's dog, the year the great earthquake of Peru happened, and where and how the cradle of civilization began.

It's strange, but I happen to know quite a few people born on April 16. Several musicians in New Orleans and Toronto are born that day. I must really love me some Aries. Once, at a friend's kid's birthday party in New Orleans, I quizzed everyone on their date of birth and realized I was the only non-Aries in the room. An astrological minority is an uncomfortable thing to be. And of course, two of those people were born on April 16.

There's quite a few famous Aries born on this day who have left their unique imprint on this world. Charlie Chaplin, the current head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XXX (or something like that), Kingsley Amis (that rakish novelist and James Bond brain), Dusty Springfield, and my personal favorite, Ducky from "Pretty in Pink" (or John Cryer as he's known in the real world). Oh, and one of those Osmond brothers...Odds were good one of them would be born on this day.

Think about it. Which astrological sign do you most relate to? Which ones are more often in your life? It's great fun to ask someone their birthday and then reply with a long, "oooooh", while opening your eyes really wide. Gets them every time. All I know is, I do love me some Aries. Especially my two Clark men. Happy Birthday, Kevin and Keller Clark!