Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day - No Worries

I'm a sucker for holidays. I blame it on my family. They always go whole hog on holidays, I think to make up for the rest of the chaotic year when things don't always go right. Come to think of it, things don't usually go right on holidays either. There was the time the turkey slid across the kitchen floor one Thanksgiving, or the time the main water pipe broke on Christmas morning, or the get the picture.

Regardless, as Father's Day was approaching, I didn't have any grand scheme planned and was racking my brain with what to do on limited time and funds. Since it fell on a Sunday, I knew we'd be heading to church with our friend Carolyn which was always lovely. She offered to let Kevin drive her new convertible which was a wonderful way to start the day. I decided as we cruised along the quiet streets with the wind blowing our hair back, to let the day unfold and go with whatever it had to offer.

The service was remarkably simple, sweet and low key. The sermon was on "woolgathering" and how it sometimes is a good idea to indulge in. Our pastor must have somehow known that it's my husband's favorite hobby. He had given him and everyone else there permission to daydream. What better Father's Day present is there?

We took our time getting back home and got some very important paperwork completed. Another check off the list and a deep feeling of satisfaction. Just then Ms. Southern Hospitality let us know that the 3 foot deep pool she had bought and installed was good to go and that we'd all get together later in the afternoon for a pool party. A party I didn't have to plan or execute?? It was starting to feeling like Mother AND Father's Day.

Lady Dragonfly, Ms Southern Hospitality's son's girlfriend, is another kindred spirit and decided to indulge myself and my daughter by bringing over guitar hero for us to rock out with. Her boyfriend, Sir Ease, kicked it up a notch by bringing out his massive TV and setting the whole thing up outside in the sunshine. I quickly did a snack run while husband continued with his nap. The day was now rockin' and rollin!

While the kids frolicked in the water, I channeled my inner Slash/Stevie Ray/Kim Gordon. Husband, upon waking from his slumber, grabbed a beer and did lifeguard duty. Lady Dragonfly worked on her tan while Sir Ease kept us posted on the US Open which was playing inside on the other TV. Ms Southern Hospitality cooked and was her usual hospitable self, grabbing bug spray, towels, sodas and such.

We spent the entire afternoon and some of the evening next door until it was time for their family dinner. The kids were starting to fade (or turn blue in the case of Dr. Egypt) so we rassled them inside for a bath and light meal. As husband and I were discussing what to feed the kids, Ms Southern Hospitality rang the door bell and presented us with a platter of food. I swear, I am not making this up; she so has earned her title.

I decided to let the dog out one more time before it turned dark and took a seat on the newly decorated front porch. Earlier that week husband and I were talking about fireflies, and how he didn't think there were any left in the south. He so loves fireflies and couldn't wait to head back to Canada to see some. Needless to say, the Father's Day fairy heard him lament and sprinkled our street with fireflies that night. I yelled for husband and the kids to hurry outside. We all took a seat and watched our lawn and our neighbors' properties light up with tiny sparks.

"What a perfect ending to a wonderful day" said husband. I didn't need to stress or worry about a grand scheme; it all came together on its own.